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How Do I Find a Prostitute on Facebook?
How Do I Find a Prostitute on Facebook?

WIRED published a fascinating article documenting how the continual emergence of new technology has impacted the sex trade in New York. The study and article were authored by Sudhir Venkatesh, professor of sociology at Columbia University. Venkatesh’s findings were quite surprising. He found the Blackberry is the mobile device of choice for prostitutes. 70% choose this smartphone over all others […]

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HyperAlerts: Managing Facebook pages just got easier

I run a few Facebook fan pages. I have always found it incredibly frustrating as the administrator of a page I can’t get notifications of comments and new posts as I do on my personal page. A couple of weeks ago I found HyperAlerts, a free new 3rd party service that sends you an e-mail whenever you have a new […]

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