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4 Must-Haves for Phenomenal First Time Pegging
First time pegging

Is pegging something you’d like to try? You and your partner may find it’s an act that not only brings you closer together but unlocks orgasm potential you never knew possible.

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Ken & Sunny Milk a Prostate!
Ken & Sunny Milk a Prostate!

  In the video above Ken and I discuss some of the techniques from these prostate milking instructional videos we tried.  They were a great success!  We encountered some things we didn’t expect (most of them good!) and prostate massage is something we’ve since incorporated on a regular basis in our lovemaking. Recapping some of the points we covered in our […]

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How to Give Prostate Massage: Instructional Videos
How to Give Prostate Massage: Instructional Videos

My partner, Ken, and I have been conducting a bit of research on prostate milking.  You know, intense hands on research strictly for SCIENCE! Below are a few instructional videos on prostate massage we found helpful.  In the first, Jennah Adams shows you how to milk the prostate with a gloved finger. In the second Brianna Beach demos with an Aneros […]

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