SEX with Sunny Megatron TV Show on Showtime!

If you haven’t heard the buzz, my husband, Ken and I have been busy all summer filming a TV show. Yep! I’m going to be on the tee-vee! Ken is the consulting producer and I am the host and co-executive producer of a new show about sex on Showtime called SEX with Sunny Megatron.

Sex With Sunny Megatron Pro shot Sex With Sunny Megatron Pro shot

Our Blow Job Class on Comedy Central’s @Midnight!

Late last night Ken and I were bombarded with messages and tweets: “You’re on Comedy Central!” “OMG! Your Blow Job Class is on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick!” What?! Yep!

comedy central BJ Midnight 2 comedy central BJ Midnight 2
Kinkly’s 2014 Sex Superheroes – It’s voting time!
Kinkly 2014 blog super heroes

It’s that time once again! Kinkly is selecting it’s Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014. You can vote for all of your favorite sex bloggers including *cough cough* ME!

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Kinky Korner Web Series
BDSM Web Series

Did you know that as a CalExotics Expert Sexpert I make kinky educational and product videos? My web Series is called Kinky Korner. So far I have nearly 30 videos in this series in which I teach you kink basics and give you a peek at some of my favorite sexytime products.

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Flower Power: Jopen Lust L5 Review
Jopen L5 Review

Let me tell you, this cute little flower unleashes some serious power! <– it also inspires me to rhyme like a pro, ha! Also, in this video I tell you a little bit about my show. Yes, SHOW! Like on TV, this fall!

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Review: The Shibari Wand Helped me Find the Secret to the Universe . . . in my Pants
Review: The Shibari Wand Helped me Find the Secret to the Universe . . . in my Pants

The vibrations of the Rechargeable Shibari Wand really make this sex toy work for me. I’m not sure of the exact specs or the science behind the mechanisms, but the Shibari Wand feels as if it’s vibrating at a different frequency than the Hitachi.

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OhMiBod Lovelife Vibrator Giveaway – Win an Adventure, Cuddle or Discover!
OhMiBod Sex Toy Contest - 3 Prizes

This isn’t just any old vibrator contest, it’s a Triple Sex Toy Giveaway Extravaganza! Win the OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure, Cuddle or Discover!

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OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure Review or “OhMiBod, Becky! Look at her Vibrator!”
Sunny Megatron Sex Toy Review

I really, really, REALLY like the OhMiBod Adventure. Granted, it took a bit for me to get used to but once I did– DAMN! It’s powerful enough for my iron clit of steel, it can be a few toys at once depending on if I insert it, how I insert it, which way I spin it, etc. It also does amazing things to my perineal sponge my other toys only dream of. We have quite the fling going at this point. We simply can’t get enough of each other!

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What’s going on? Workshops, Podcasts & Blog Posts! Oh My!
Blow Job classes

Ken and I have been busy beavers! Here’s the latest on what’s been happening and what’s to come (there’s a dirty joke or two in there somewhere!) . . . Workshops, podcasts, conventions, blog posts, sex toy contests, sexy meal suggestions, and more!

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“Down on your knees! Now, how may I serve you, bitch?” or Inverse Power Exchange for Beginners
Ken Melvoin-Berg in the Air Force

There is no one true way to fulfill a role. Don’t let anyone police what or who you are. Like a $20 dollar bill that is folded in half, then wrinkled up and stuffed in a pocket, you still have the same value as you always did, yet you change shape over time. Even though it’s fun to figure out what you are called or identify with, ditch the labels and the meaning behind them and carve out YOUR way to be a top (or a sub).

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Ken & Sunny on Full Disclosure Podcast with Eric Barry
Eric Barry, Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg

Listen in as we talk about dating etiquette, Ken’s rule about first dates, the Chicago kink scene, and a whole mess of interesting things that prompted Eric to call us his “most hardcore people on the show to date.” Eric’s takeaways: “Highlights include old ladies and puppetry of the penis, AVN midget blowbangs, ritual fucking on the altar of a seminary school, shoving balloon animals into buttholes and more.”

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Life skills to get you laid: How to make an Aphrodisiac 7 Course Meal
Danny Kelson

Ken Melvoin-Berg and Danny “Delicious” Kelson team up to create a mouth watering (and other parts watering) aphrodisiac meal. Get all the recipes and dinner guest reviews.

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Top 10 CalExotics Fetish Toys of 2013
Sunny Megatron Ball Gag

Recently I was a guest on the SiriusXM radio show, On Air with Club CalExotics hosted by Sheena Metal. Three words: SO MUCH FUN!

Sheena and I talked about exploring kink and took questions from callers. We finished up the episode with my list of Top 10 Fetish Toys of 2013. These are must-have, classic items everyone should have in their naughty toolbox.

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Sunny’s Favorite Naughty Things of 2013
Sunny Megatrons favorite toys

Just like Oprah has a list of her favorite products of the year, I have mine too. Only mine are a lot dirtier. Here are my favorite naughty things of 2013 . . .

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My New Favorite Couples Toy: Silicone Jack Rabbit Ring
Jack Rabbit Cock Ring

I have a new favorite couples toy! Rather, WE have a new favorite couples toy. SQUEE! And go figure, it’s a vibrating cock ring. Not just ANY vibrating cock ring either but we’ll get to that later.

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Outside the Box: Man on the Street Las Vegas
man on street vegas

When we were in Vegas covering the AVN Expo, the Outside the Box crew and I took it to the streets. Hilarity ensues when you talk to strangers about their sex lives. We also touched on bestialty (I think? I didn’t imagine that, right!? that *is* what we were talking about??). I’ll let you judge for yourself!

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Body & Soul 10-Function Transcend Dual Vibrator Review
Body & Soul Transcend review

Cal Exotics has really been on a roll lately.  I keep getting sent review items I just love!  This month I got the Body & Soul 10-Function Transcend.  I can’t decide what I like most about it or even how to classify it. It’s a lay-on clit vibe. NO! It’s a bullet! NO! It’s a tickle my clit and have […]

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What what? Math in my butt!

Of all the geeky sex facts I have encountered, this one is by far my favorite: If you haven’t had anal play in a while (a month or longer), you can use the Fibonacci sequence of numbers to approximate the circumference of what can now comfortably fit in your butt.

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Best Sex Writing of 2013 Blog Tour
best sex writing book

Self identified sex geek or not, odds are you’ll find something within its pages that resonates with you. You’ll find something liberating, inspiring, and something make makes you think, “Huh, I never thought about it that way.”

Hands down, this compilation contains some of the best writings of sex and sexuality I have ever read.

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Nick Hawk GIGOLO Lucky 7 Slender Bullet Review
Vibrating Bullet

Dear Basic Silver Bullet,
I met you years ago. How long has it been? Five? Six years? In all that time you’ve never let me down. Your vibrations are intense and when you are pressed up against me, you take to me the edge each and every time.

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Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn
lesbian porn

If there is one wish I had for the world it would be MAKE MORE AUTHENTIC PORN! Okay, maybe that wouldn’t be my first wish. First I’d wish for things like world peace and unlimited wishes.

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We Were on Sex Nerd Sandra Talking CLOWN SEX!
We Were on Sex Nerd Sandra Talking CLOWN SEX!

Well, we weren’t ON Sandra but we were guests on her podcast!  This episode was all about clown fetish.  Oh, you didn’t know about the clown thing Ken & I have?  Here’s a clown sex primer I wrote, Diary of a Sex Clown: Life Lessons from a Clown Fetishist. After you’re done reading that, check out the Sex Nerd Sandra […]

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Gyration Sensations Gyrating Pleasing Flutter Sex Toy Review
Gyration Sensations Review

When I first saw the Gyration Sensations Gyrating Pleasing Flutter vibrator I didn’t know what to make of it. It kind of looks like a platypus, right? Here’s a quick round-up for those of you doing a drive by. For all the juicy details watch my video review below.

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15 Easy, Simple, Quick Tactics to Increase Playtime in Your Relationship
couple bungee jumping

We would probably all differ a little in our answer to the question “What is a relationship for” but one thing we can probably all agree on is the idea that it needs to be fun. Fun is what happens between you and your partner when you put aside the problems in your life, in your world, maybe in your relationship itself, and “throw the old pigskin around” figuratively.

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Learning My Own Sex Tips
Me, Myself & Irene: Did you have Fun? (Dildo Scene)

I love reading sex tips. There seems to be a chapter dedicated to great sex in every newsstand woman’s magazine. Sometimes however, I wonder if the authors have tried the suggestions they’ve written as most tend to lack originality and inspiration.

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Gyration Sensations Gyrating Lover Sex Toy Review
Gyration Sensations Review

You know, I think I’m becoming cynical. The more sex toys I try, the more it takes to pique my interest. Unless it has a minimum of 8 fully functioning tentacles, makes me coffee or is controlled by mind power—ehhhh it just looks like another vibrator to me. Vibrator, schmibrator. I’m up to my neck in sex toys. My eyebrows don’t easily raise anymore.

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If Men Could Menstruate
Gloria Steinem

Reading this essay was the very first time I felt validated in my suspicions that the world wasn’t balanced. Although I was told I could do anything, be anything, and my value was equal to that of a man, I knew deep down that really wasn’t true. What I was told and my day-to-day experiences were two very different things.

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The Truth about Silicone Lube
Silicone Lube with silicone toys

I consume sex ed related material on the web at an alarming rate. I always have my nose in a blog or video. The misconceptions I come across about silicone personal lubricants are plenty.

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Porn Search Terms by Country & State – Interactive Map
Porn Search Terms by Country & State – Interactive Map

This interactive porn map by porn MD displays the top 10 pornographic search terms over a 6 month period by country and U.S. state. I’m really happy to see the #1 term both in the U.S. and Illinois is “MILF.” I certainly do live in the right place!

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Adonis Conqueror Vibrator Review
Adonis Conqueror Vibrator Review

ADONIS CONQUEROR! That sounds like something that would leave a wake of exhausted and happily pleasured genitals in its path. Since it takes a lot to satisfy me and I’m a bit of a size queen, the mental image I had of the Adonis Conqueror resembled a jack hammer in the shape and size of a fist. And, of course, it was made out of sparkling solid gold. RAWR!

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